Month: January 2006

Block That Metaphor!

Bill Sali has his web site up and running and it promises to be a continuing source of amusement. As BubbleHead pointed out yesterday, Sali doesn’t seem to know the difference between a rock and a beer belly.

On the same web site you can read Sali’s position on Bush’s surge in Iraq. Of course, after getting to meet with the President and hearing the rationale for the surge from the “horse’s mouth,” Sali is able to explain (metaphorically at least) why the troop escalation will be successful.

“Just like an injection of heavy antibiotics to kick a serious illness, a rapid infusion of more troops will help our military clear the deck of terrorists and set the stage for a stronger, safer Iraq,” Sali said.

Let me see if I understand. Would the injection of heavy antibiotics make the deck too slippery for the terrorists, thus clearing it? Where, exactly, would the troops be setting up their stage- on the deck? At least it is nice to know that a “stronger, safer Iraq” is somewhere in the wings waiting for the stage to be set on this newly cleared and inoculated deck.

To be honest, it is all a bit confusing to a simple Idahoan like me. Bill should use a tried and true metaphor like Marlin Perkins used on Wild Kingdom. “Just like the mother lion protects her cubs, so too will President Bush protect us from the terrorists.” That’s the kind of thoughtful analysis I could get behind. Comments |