Just in Time for Spring

Belly Button Exposed

HAYDEN, Idaho (AP) — City councilors in this northern Idaho town who passed a “feel-good” resolution last month to promote “community standards” are not feeling so good now after finding out they might have inadvertently condemned bellybuttons in public.The resolution was originally aimed at adult magazines, but bridal publications and fitness magazines have also become targets, as well as what area residents choose to wear.

I don’t know about you, but I find it gratifying that someone finally realizes the role “bridal publications” play in lowering community standards.

The backer of the resolution says she will use the city’s endorsement of the resolution when she approaches Hayden businesses to ask them if they want to be known as “family friendly”.

Given the fact that Hayden was the home of the Ayran Nation, and long considered by white supremacists to be the “international headquarters of the White race,” the city council might want to work at promoting community standards that highlight TOLERANCE!

“In public and in the community, I would hope we could be covered,” new resident Amber Facer, who heads up the local chapter of a Utah-based organization called Citizens for Youth and Families, told the Coeur d’Alene Press. “No belly buttons, no cleavage. I’ve taught my children that their bodies are special.”As a parent, my job is saying, ‘Look, I don’t want my little girl to see tummies shown.”‘

So what Councilwoman Nancy Taylor called a “feel-good resolution” is now causing some discomfort.”I don’t want someone coming to Honeysuckle Beach this summer crying foul because there are people there wearing bathing suits,” Taylor said at a council meeting Tuesday.Facer asked the council on Valentine’s Day to approve the loosely worded resolution that “strongly encourages all businesses, schools and public institutions in the city of Hayden to adopt child-appropriate standards.”It also promoted a “community standard” to encourage a “wholesome environment for children and families.”

Well, thanks to the diligence of Councilwoman Taylor, it appears that it will once again be safe to wear a bathing suit on Honeysuckle Beach. Unfortunately for the other members of the Council, this story is racing through the internet with headlines like “Strange but True” and “Offbeat Stories“- not exactly the “feel good” response they might have hoped for.


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