School Bonds Approved

Boise patrons voted in favor of the $94 million school bond yesterday. The Statesman has the details. Most gratifying is that support for the bond was district wide.

Final election results were 70 percent in favor and 30 percent against the bond. Twenty-eight percent of registered School District voters cast ballots in the election. Most of the polling places approved the bond by a two-thirds majority, showing broad support throughout the district.

At a time in our history where a real sense of community is a fragile thing, local public schools are the one institution where community is developed and nurtured. In rural Idaho communities, the local school is literally the “community center” and school activities (sports, concerts, etc) are a vital source of entertainment. In larger urban areas like Boise, local schools are frequently the glue that gives cohesion to a neighborhood. The Statesman article has short quotes from voters throughout the district who understand the importance of their local schools.
For example:

Louis Thompson, 85, never had children. But he was pulling for the bond to pass. “I think they need to do some work on the schools,” he said as he walked over to Whitney Elementary School to have lunch with some school kids.

The $49.7 million Twin Falls bond also passed yesterday.

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