Borah Symposium at the U of I

In American Theocracy, Phillips traces the development of three threats to America and American democracy: the rise of radical religion, exploding national debt resulting from a productive manufacturing economy to one dominated by a elite financial class, and a culture defined by petroleum resources over which we have less and less control.

Although we are all aware of the problems associated with that last threat, our dependence on oil, I think it is one of those issues like “global warming” where a superficial understanding results in complacency, while a deeper look into the issue elicits real fear and an understanding that immediate action is needed. This week the Borah Symposium at the University of Idaho has as its topic “Resource Wars” with nationally renown experts such as Dr. Michael Klare, author of Blood and War and Dr. Jered Diamond, author of Collapse- How Societies Choose to Succeed or Fail. I wish I lived close enough to Moscow to attend. For those of us who are unable to make it, Vander at “Thoughts from Idaho” has a nice overview of Klare’s presentation. Hopefully, He will blog about the other presentations also.

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