Juan Cole Receives Hunter College Award for Journalism

jrc1The beauty of the blogosphere is the amazing variety of voices to be found with a click of the mouse. Of course, in this vast virtual democracy finding informative and thoughtful voices among the babble is not always easy. As we have lived through the debacle known as the war in Iraq, I have found one blogger, Juan Cole, who I read daily. Cole’s blog, Informed Comment, has proven to be a reliable and balanced source of information about the Middle East.

Cole, a professor of Middle Eastern History at the University of Michigan, does an amazing job of making as much sense as possible of the Middle East. Are bloggers like Cole journalists? Hunter College certainly thinks so as they have given him a James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism.

According to Editor and Publisher:

NEW YORK Creators Syndicate columnist Molly Ivins and former New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis will receive lifetime achievement honors at an April 11 ceremony for winners of Hunter College’s James Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism. The ceremony — which takes place at Hunter’s New York City campus — will feature remarks by Ivins and Lewis.Winners of this year’s Aronson awards include Kirk Anderson for “Cartooning with a Conscience,” Gary Fields of The Wall Street Journal for exposing problems in the system of “get-tough” prison sentencing, Kevin Fagan of the San Francisco Chronicle for his coverage of the homeless issue, and Tracie McMillan of City Limits magazine for reporting on low-income and working-class people in New York City. Also, the first Aronson Award for blogging is going to University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole for his Iraq War-related “Informed Comment” blog


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