Rally for Idaho Farmworkers

Today is is Cesar Chavez Day.

As founder of the United Farm Workers, Cesar Chavez is a true American hero for peace, social justice and equality. Sun Valley’s Dick Dorwick has a nice tribute to him here.
“Across the San Joaquin Valley, across California, across the entire nation, wherever there are injustices against men and women and children who work in the fields – there you will see our flags – with the black eagle with the white and red background, flying. Our movement is spreading like flames across a dry plain.” – Cesar Chavez
At noon today in Boise there was a rally for farm worker justice on the Statehouse steps.
As Serephin at 43rd State Blues points out:

In July of 2005, twenty-nine farmworkers were exposed to harmful pesticides while working in an onion field in Caldwell. Twenty-two were hospitalized and two were admitted for critical care. The incident highlights the true reality of how injustices continue to plague workers in the fields. This year the legislature stopped a billed that would have protected farmworkers against dangerous pesticides. Join ICAN and farmworkers as we demand justice for all.

“It was around 11:30 am when I started to experience headaches, nausea and pains in my stomach. Soon, I got a strong urge to vomit and my body began to tremble. I did not know why this was happening to me.” – Farmworker exposed to pesticides, July 6, 2005, Caldwell, ID

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to the rally until almost 2 PM and fully expected to find no one there. To my surprise there was still a small but lively crowd.



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