An Idaho Teacher Takes on NCLB

I just returned from a week long conference in San Francisco and have missed out on local news. One item I missed was the NPR audio essay by local teacher Sharon Hanson. Fortunately, Tom, at Fort Boise, put up a link on his site. In her essay, Hanson points out the educational harm caused by NCLB and high stakes testing. If you missed it live, go to Fort Boise and listen because Hanson has it exactly right. She discusses Donald Grave’s book, Testing is not Teaching, which details the arguments against teaching to the test. A short review of his book can be found here and a longer one here

If you want to read a detailed critique of NCLB, the book, Many Children Left Behind: How the No Child Left Behind Act is Damaging our Children and Our Schools, is a great starting place. I have a link to it through below.

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