Snow Job


According to CNN, it appears that Tony Snow will be be the new White House Press Secretary replacing Scott McClellen. There is no doubt that Snow will be more articulate than McClellen. He should be quite effective at spinning the truth, deflecting questions, stonewalling and lying with a straight face. After all, that is what he does as “political analyst” at “fair and balanced” Fox.

I have a suggestion for the White House. They seem to be having a problem finding a Wall Street “Name” to replace Treasury Secretary, John Snow. According to Forbes:

“The problem is, it doesn’t look like a leadership position,” says John Silvia, chief economist of Wachovia Securities. “[Top Wall Street] guys aren’t going to hang around and just be salesmen.”

My suggestion? Have Tony Snow serve in a dual capacity- Press Secretary and Treasury Secretary. After all, if they are looking for a salesman as Treasury Secretary, Tony is their man. What is the added benefit? Given Dubya’s notorious problem with names, he won’t have to learn a new one. Snow for Snow simplifies things, doesn’t it?


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