This Administration May Be Over

According to Lance Tarrance, a leading Republican pollster, “This administration may be over.” The latest poll conducted by Tarrance’s firm took place after the latest “shake-up” of the White House staff and echoed what all the other polls have been showing.

Tarrance said it would be extremely difficult for any president to bounce back this late in his administration and reassert influence on Capitol Hill when his approval rating barely exceeds his party’s base support and half of all adults surveyed said they “strongly disapprove” of his performance. An overwhelming 73 percent of independents disapprove of Bush’s performance, and two-thirds of those “strongly disapprove.”

While it is tempting to focus only on the ineptitude of the Bushites, the poll results show that the Democratic Party needs to direct its energy towards regaining control of Congress. 48% of the respondents would like to see the Democrats back in control while 37% want the Republican to remain in charge. That is good news for Democrats, but also shows that work still needs to be done.

Iraq isn’t the only issue concerning respondents. The poll also points out the domestic issues where Democrats can separate themselves from the Republicans.

The war looms large as a concern of voters, the poll shows, along with jobs, health care, gas prices and immigration. Combating terrorism — long the president’s strong suit — is far less of a concern.


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