The “Gay Marriage Ban” farce continues

The constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was defeated in the Senate today on a vote of 49-48, but the farce continues. The House plans a vote on the amendment next month, according to Majority Leader John Boehner.

“This is an issue that is of significant importance to many Americans,” Boehner told reporters Tuesday. “We have significant numbers of our members who want a vote on this, so we are going to have a vote.”

Bush issued another appeal for the amendment, the third in as many days.

“The administration believes that the future of marriage in America should be decided through the democratic constitutional amendment process, rather than by the court orders of a few,” a White House statement said.

The vote was on party lines, of course. All Democrats except Nelson of Nebraska opposed the amendment, leading Senator Kennedy to say, “The Republican leadership is asking us to spend time writing bigotry into the Constitution.” To which Orrin Hatch responded, ” “Does he really want to suggest that over half of the United States Senate is a crew of bigots?”

Crew of bigots or cynical hypocrites motivated only by political self-interest, take your choice. According to the Boston Globe, Republican leaders in Congress were considering a legislative agenda in which they would literally give up on passing major policy initiatives and instead focus on divisive bills that they didn’t expect to pass. Roll Call says it clearly,

With only a few months left on the legislative calendar, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has decided to abandon any efforts at bipartisanship in favor of using his chamber to hold a series of highly partisan, mostly symbolic votes on conservative causes, including amendments banning gay marriage and flag burning, and fully repealing the estate tax.

Go to the “Corner,” the web site for the National Review. You will find posted a chart based upon Gallop Poll results for the last two months when poll-takers where asked to respond to the question, “What one or two issues should be top priorities for the president and Congress to deal with at this time?” Note that “Gay Marriage” didn’t even make the list. Still, the farce continues.


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