Brainy Boise?

10 brainiest has just released a study that identified the cities where America’s brainpower is concentrated. The criteria was percent of adults who have college degrees. The left coast does pretty well with Seattle and San Francisco ranking first and second among large communities because they’re the only ones where more than 40 percent of adults have degrees. Colorado Springs ranks 4th, San Diego ranks 6th with Portland 9th and Alburquerque rounding out the top ten. Miami ranks last among large communities with just 16 percent of adults having earned bachelor’s degrees.

Arlington, Va., is the brainpower leader among medium-sized places. Sixty percent of its adults have bachelor’s degrees, two and a half times the national average. Boise ranks 10th among medium sized communities with 33.6% of the population college educated.

Topping the rankings of small communities is Ann Arbor, Mich., the home of the University of Michigan. The four runners-up are also college towns.

Go here to see the large cities ranking. It is worth noting the strong correlation between “brainpower concentration” and liberal politics. Red state communities in the South and MIdwest are less well represented than liberal blue state cities. Even in “Bushlandia” Boise is something of a liberal oasis.


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