Should The Minutemen Hire Illegal Immigrants?

The “Minutemen” are evidently having a problem building that fence along the Mexican border that will keep out illegal immigrants.

Construction on the fence began May 27, when about 150 supporters turned out for the groundbreaking, but the number of volunteers then dwindled.

“We don’t want to put up something that will just be a symbol,” said Al Garza, the group’s executive director. “We want to make sure it’s permanent, properly structured and done right.”

As few as four people were observed working on the fence recently, said Cecile Lumer of the humanitarian aid group Citizens for Border Solutions.”From the beginning, the numbers they have projected have always fallen very short of the reality,” Lumer said.

If Americans are unwilling to do the work, the solution is obvious- hire illigal immigrants to finish the job!

One comment

  1. From what I’m hearing on the News and from the democrats that the Canada/United States border needs to be under better control, maybe a fence like the southern border. I do disagree with fencing the Northern border.
    We have to tighting down on the hiring of illegals no matter what country they come from. If they can not finds jobs they will leave. 🙂

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