The Billboard of Bush’s Base


Like many Canyon County residents, I drive by this billboard frequently. It is located right off I-84 on the the blighted eyesore known as “Farm City.” The property is owned by a notorious crank who sees himself as a political Libertarian. I used to laugh at the pathetic old fool’s fulminations. It served as an example of free speech. No matter how outlandish your views, if you could afford to erect a billboard on your property, you could say pretty much anything.

Lately it has occurred to me that, rather than representing the wild rants of the radical right, this billboard represents the views of Bush’s base. This is a strange sort of Libertarianism that rejects all government intervention unless, of course, it protects us from our enemies (terrorists, gays, non-Christians, immigrants, minorities, unions, pro-choice advocates, feminists, etc) This is more than just “anti-science.” This is the quietude of those who await the “Rapture.” This is the reckless idiocy of those who see the present crisis in the Middle East as proof of the Biblical prophecies of Armageddon. This is the unvarnished racism of those who view anyone “different” as “un-American.” This is the ostrich-like behavior of those who refuse to believe human behavior has done anything to cause global warming. In short, the billboard reflects the agenda of the Bush Administration.

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