Crying Wolf

25087989cryingwolfcopy.jpg has a couple of excellent articles exposing the blatant way in which the Bush Administration has used the fear generated by potenitial terrorist attacks for political gain.

As Molly Ivins puts it:

We have nothing to fear but fear itself, especially since fear is now being fomented and manipulated for political purposes by a bunch of shameless hacks. Who is trying to make you afraid and why? This Karl Rove tactic is getting quite threadbare, in fact, and so much so that it is getting dangerously close to comedy.

The administration has put itself in the position of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. If, God forbid, a serious terrorist conspiracy is uncovered, there will be a tendency to dismiss it in a backlash to these over-hyped “plots.”

In the same posting, Robert Scheer points out that the tactic used in the latest bomb plot involving bringing liquid explosives on board passenger planes has been known for over a decade.

Government-induced hysteria thrives on public ignorance, which is why President Bush is so confident of turning the British bomb plot to his partisan purposes. Otherwise, how could he dare claim that his policies have made the nation safer?Consider, first off, that the attack envisioned — smuggling liquid-explosive ingredients onto 10 passenger planes — was outlined in chapter five of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission Report as a plot first exposed a decade ago.

Are these warnings of terrorist plots authentic or bogus? Keith Olbermann has a brilliant spot where he identified 10 separate warning by the Bush Administration of “imminent attacks” that turned out to be wrong or misleading. In each case the warnings came immediately after a news event that was potentially harmful politically for the administration. Coincidence or an attempt to distract the public from embarrasing news? Watch the Olbermann segment on Crooks and Liars and “you be the judge.”


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