Republicans Desert the Idiot Ship

bushidiotscarborough0806.jpg Republican rats seem to be deserting the “Idiot” ship lately. Former Republican Congressman and conservative talk show host Joe Scarborough is asking the question whose answer is obvious- Is Bush an Idiot?

Here at home, not a single Idaho House Republican showed up for Cheney’s shakedown fundraiser for Bill Sali yesterday. Dan Popkey has an article in the Idaho Statesman that explains what many Republicans were doing instead of listening to Cheney. We all remember Republican Speaker of the House, Bruce Newcomb’s famous statement about Sali, “That idiot is just an idiot.”

As Chris points out at Liberal Idaho, the real idiots are those who paid to hear Cheney speak at The Grove.

You just got to love it. I wonder who many Idaho Republicans shelled out the bucks to hear Vice President Cheney dish out a canned speech. You hear that Idaho Republicans? You got scammed. You heard the same speech that Cheney has given on every other campaign stop he’s made this summer.

That’s right. You shelled out big bucks to see the same speech that the VP has given elsewhere, you (or Sali) are not even important enough for the VP to have his intern speech writer give you a custom speech. Nupe. Not you Idaho, you have always proudly just bent over and taken it like a good little state. No love, no hug afterward and certainly no rose left on your pillow.

Same canned goods. Same canned GOP crap.


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