Boise Taxpayers and Cheney’s Visit

It wasn’t just the Republican faithful who shelled out money when Cheney made his brief stop in Boise. According to an article in today’s Statesman, it cost Boise taxpayers $4500 for the police protection necessary to insure Cheney’s safety.

Boise taxpayers paid about $4,500 for the ramped up police protection required by Vice President Dick Cheney’s short visit last week, Boise Police Department spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said today.The money paid for around 92 hours of overtime for officers called in to help secure Cheney’s safety. Most of the security was done by officers already on duty.

He was in town for a $125-a-ticket fundraiser for Republican 1st Congressional District candidate Bill Sali.The Boise police plan for special events like this one every year, and the money comes out of that budget, Hightower said. The tally was in response to media inquiries, not to bill the Sali campaign or the Idaho Republican Party.

Hightower said the department was asked for the help by the U.S. Secret Service, and that the two agencies have a good working relationship that allows for mutual aid. The department doesn’t ask why dignitaries like Cheney are coming to town — it simply acts to protect the visitors as well as the community from the added safety concerns that come with such a visit, she said.

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