What Would John Greenleaf Whittier Think?

You have to beleive that the Greenleaf city council and Mayor, Brad Holton, have too much time on their hands. How else to explain this strange story reported on KTVB Channel 7?

A small Canyon County town is considering a city ordinance that would recommend every homeowner have a gun and know how to use it. A Greenleaf city council member proposed the idea as part of a plan to handle civil emergencies. It would create citizen response teams and neighborhood watch groups, but would also recommend citizens own a gun and ammunition. “We aren’t choosing to pick a fight. We’re choosing to organize and learn how to defend our own homes,” said Greenleaf Mayor Brad Holton.

The idea seem especially bazaar considerning Greenleaf’s origins. The small rural community, a few miles southwest of Caldwell, Idaho was founded by Quakers and named for the Quaker poet, John Greenleaf Whittier. The Friends Church (Quakers) are probably best know for the “Peace Testimony” advocating the postion that violence is always wrong. In fact, the Quakers were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1947 for their stance against violence and their advocacy for peace throughout the world. Somehow the quote, “We aren’t choosing to pick a fight.” brings to mind a wildwest gunslinger, not a peaceloving Quaker.

The story has been picked up by bloggers all over the country resulting in comments like this:

Idaho is so beautiful, and it’s filled with Mormons in the southeast, and rednecks and white supremists up north. Boise is more nearly normal, but… what the hell happened to this state?

If only we could buss all the trolls out to Idaho, where they coud join their Aryan Brotherhood mates in the compound.

A return to the wild west, this time with a cellphone in one hand and a six-gun in the other. Look out !!!

Good idea! I think they should all have grenades, rocket launchers and all-terrain vehicles. If they can afford rockets and helicopters, so much the better. I think they should put up road-blocks throughout the area, and if they catch any queers or dikes trying to go to a bar for a beer…well…hah-hah…


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