Stranger in a Strange State

I haven’t posted since the election. One reason is because work has been quite hectic. But, I think the real reason is post- election depression. Not on the national level. Nationally, the mid-terms reaffirmed my faith in the good sense of the people. The results here in Idaho, however, the reddest of the red states, and Canyon County, the reddest in Idaho, left me a bit stunned. I have lived here long enough not to have been seduced by the polls showing Grant and Brady as leading in their respective races, but I was.

I am better now. I have regained my sanity and my sense of humor. Which leads me to one of the funniest after-election analyses I have read. It is by Bruce Reed on Go here and laugh to keep from crying.

Thanks to Keith, Fred and Vicki for directing me to the article!


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