Luna Tunes

We are starting to hear some more voices raised against Tom Luna, the ill-equipped and inexperienced Idaho Superintendent of Schools. Joe Vandal, at IdahoFallz, says that Luna must “Directly Answer Allegations or Face Consequences.” He rebuts Bill Hansen’s assertion that Luna is a “man of integrity” by showing evidence from the 2004 United States Government “Policy and Supporting Positions” Handbook indicating that Luna was not a Presidential Appointee (PA) or Senior Advisor as he has claimed, but rather an “SC” Schedule C special assistant appointment. See the document below:
Luna appointment

Joe Vandal calls on Luna to answer the allegations:

If Tom Luna has an ounce of integrity, he will immediately provide proof that he was a indeed a presidential appointee, that he indeed met with President Bush, and that he was indeed a “Senior Advisor” rather than a “special assistant”.

Luna has said he will demand accountability from our schools. We Idahoans will demand accountability from Luna to answer these allegations before he lays his fingers on our schools.

Today, a Times-News letter to the editor by Sharon Lutkehus, a health education instructor from Filer, has concerns similar to the ones I voiced earlier about the impact of Luna’s firings at the State Department of Education. She says,

During the past six years, I have been a member of the Idaho Comprehensive Health Education Cadre, which was formed by Barbara Eisenbarth, the HIV-AIDS-Health Education coordinator for the Idaho Department of Education. How exciting to see teachers (K-12) returning to their classrooms and teaching with excitement and excellence the required state standards using activity-based lessons which students love!

By teacher request, additional workshops and conferences were scheduled for January and February of 2007.

These workshops have now been canceled because the people who present at and organize them are gone (fired). Grants that are due in the next few weeks will have no one knowledgeable in the complexities and requirements of writing them. Federal monies could easily be lost due to lack of leadership.

We have Failed, The Sniff Test and Randy Stapilus has all added their voices to the Luna Watch.


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