Pelosi’s first 100 hours


Thursday the House passed the energy bill that revoked massive government subsidizing of big oil companies and paved the way for the country’s greater energy independence, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accomplished the goals she said the new Democratic Congress would achieve in its first 100 working hours in only 42 hours of floor time.

The energy bill passed yesterday was the sixth of six items that Pelosi promised to push through in the first few weeks of Democratic control in the House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi’s web site has the details of each piece of legislation along with a short video of the passage of each bill.

Of the six bills (implementing the recommendation of the 911 Commission, increasing the minimum wage, expanding stem cell research, Medicare prescription drug costs, college student loan relief, and the energy bill) Mike Simpson voted yes on three (college loan relief, minimum wage and implementing 911 commission recommendations). As might be expected, Bill Sali voted against all six.

This is an outstanding beginning for a House of Representatives that appears to be interested in making changes that will actually improved the quality of life for average Americans.

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