I Wonder Who Idaho Legislators Think They Represent?

It certainly isn’t the average working man or woman. This comprehensive study indicates that 34% of the available jobs in Idaho don’t pay a living wage for a single person. The number jumps to 80% for a single parent with two children. Meanwhile, the House Revenue and Taxation Committee rejected Gov. Otter’s plan for tax breaks to low income residents. Rep. Moyle echoed the libertarian philosophy that any plan that might provide some help for those most in need is “social engineering.”

The committee iced Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter’s plan to give up to $90 a year in tax relief to low-income residents. Rep. Mike Moyle, R-Star. . .said Otter’s approach amounted to “social engineering.”

Meanwhile, the House State Affairs Committee rejected the Democrat-sponsored measure that would have raised Idaho’s minimum wage to $7.25 an hour and indexed it to rise with inflation. Most Republicans who voted against the measure were content to do so without bothering to explain their reasoning to the voters. Those who did comment demonstrated the critical thinking and sharp analysis we have come to expect from Republican legislators

The “Dim Bulb” award goes to Russ Mathews, R-Idaho Falls, for this great quote:

“If it’s so exciting and neat to raise it, why don’t we just raise it to $17 an hour?” “Would that be a good idea?”



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