Earth Day and the Enemy


I have always loved this “Pogo” cartoon by Walt Kelly. If fact, I have a signed and framed 3′ by 2′ poster hanging in my office. As today is Earth Day 37, I have been thinking about whether the enemy is, in fact, us.

I don’t think so. I think the enemy consists of those giant corporate polluters from Exxon to General Motors to Monsanto who profit immensely from the destruction of the Earth, and who intend to continue no matter how overwhelming the evidence is for global warming. We are the enablers. We are the ones who lack the political will to elect politicians who will face the ecological crisis.

Sure, we individually can do the right things by changing our light bulbs and switching to hybrids, but the corporate polluters will continue their global ravaging and despoiling as long as it’s profitable to do so and they can legally get away with it.


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