Buying the War in Iraq- Bill Moyers is Back

When Knight Ridder (the newspaper chain that owned the Idaho Statesman) was swallowed by McClatchy, most people didn’t realize what they had lost. Now, thanks to Bill Moyers, who has returned to PBS with Bill Moyers Journal, we can begin to understand how Knight Ridder news service differed from most of the rest of the press.

Moyers and his crew have created a documentary that will air tomorrow on PBS exploring the ways in which the the media were complicit in shaping the “public mind” toward the war. This is not a new theme for Moyers. In the past he has documented how a belief in the press’s role as skeptical “watchdog” over government power has withered away.

What makes this segment interesting is that it features the work of some journalists who didn’t take the government’s word at face value, including the team of reporters at Knight Ridder news service whose reporting turned up evidence at odds with the official view of reality.

It is great to have Moyers back on the air. Watch the video below for a taste of tomorrow’s program.


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