This Too Shall Pass

Well, it has been almost eight months since my last post. I could spend a good deal of my time explaining my silence, but, in truth, I am not sure I can really give an explanation. Blogging became a chore and national politics were depressing at best.

Have things gotten better? My last post in May was entitled Mobius Bush and, in a sense, we are still doing the same thing over and over again. The caucus season is beginning and the so called “debates” have been quite depressing.

Idaho politics is no less depressing. I have barely been able to read the unfolding Craig and Sali fiascos. I certainly do not have the stomach to muckrake the stench emanating from either of those steaming piles, but I do applaud the bloggers willing to take on the job.

I am not sure that I can climb back on the blog saddle again and post with any regularity, but I admit that I missed it, so I guess I will take the position that every blog journey begins one post at a time.

So, for the sake on my mental health, and possibly yours, I am going to do my daily meditation while fixing my gaze on the mandala below and repeating the matra “This too shall pass.”


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