What Do Larry Craig and Robert Bork Have in Common?

craig busted

At those times when Larry Craig considered his legacy, I am sure he had something else in mind. But, according to the editors of the New York Times, Craig has joined those select few whose name has become an eponym.

Washington, D.C. likes its eponyms – taking the names of people in the news and giving them to something larger. And Washington being Washington, it’s often something negative.Anyone in the cut-and-thrust of capital politics knows what it means to be “Borked.” In the 20 years since Judge Robert Bork’s nomination to the Supreme Court was voted down by the Senate after super-heated hearings, the word has been recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary and political jargon has never been the same.

The latest eponymous coinage is being “Larry Craiged” ­- caught in a men’s room sting by the vice squad and accused of illicit homosexual activity.Senator Craig is, of course, still vehemently proclaiming his innocence and his heterosexuality. The TV drama Boston Legal gave Mr. Craig the benefit of the doubt on a recent episode. In it, a senior partner was caught in a men’s room dragnet even though he was innocent of any misbehavior. He was “Larry Craiged,” his defense counsel argued in court.

So, what’s next for Idaho’s senior senator? Obviously, it is a coveted place in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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