Obama Visits Boise


Wow! I thought the crowd for Al Gore was huge, but this was unbelievable. The lines started at 6:00 and got longer as the sun rose. We had to park about 10 blocks away from the campus.The lines were so long, I was afraid they would close the door before we could get in. Actually, we got a good seat and ended up closer to Obama than we were when we saw Gore.

I understand the final head count was over 14,000 with the speech piped out of the arena for those who could not be seated. I believe 10,000 came to hear Al Gore, so this has to be the political event of the year. I am not going to hit the highlights of the speech. You can read the Statesman article or Keith Richert’s Live Blog If you were unable to attend. Of course, neither come close to capturing the electricity of the event. I understand they will be rebroadcasting the speech. Watch it if you have the chance.

Click at the top of the sidebar, Obama Visit 2/207, for slides of the event.

UPDATE- I just found out that you can view the whole speech, uncut, on the KTVB website here

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