When it Comes to Fundraising- Boise is Still in the Red


The Huffington Post has provided an addictive service on their website. It is a Google Map that allows you to search by Address, Zip Code, City, Name, Occupation and Employer to find out how much individuals have given to the various candidates for President. Of course, you can see what your favorite celebrity gave, but it is also interesting to use the data base to explore city-by-city.

A search for Boise reveals that of the $195,955 donated by Boise residents, $148,665 was given to Republican candidates and only $47,290 to Democrats. This is not surprising, but it should act as a reality check to Democrats who were so elated by the turnout for Barack Obama.

As would be expected, the majority of the Republican money has gone to Romney, although a number of Boise power brokers (Steve Appleton, John Fery, Roy Eiguren) were Giuliani supporters. Democrats were fairly evenly divided among the 2007 field.

Because this data is not current (the most recent is 4th quarter 2007) and many of the candidates have subsequently dropped out, there aren’t too many conclusions to be drawn— except that, when it comes to fundraising, Idaho is still very Red and Democrats have a lot of work to do.


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