The Dim Bulb Award


With the Idaho Legislative session in full swing, there are any number of candidates for the “Dim Bulb” of the month award.

One strong candidate would be Senator Shirley McKague for introducing a memorial to Congress claiming that Illegal immigration constitutes an “invasion” of the United States, and that NAFTA is “being used to nullify the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.” According to Betsy Russell over at Eye of Boise,

Committee Chairman Curtis McKenzie, R-Nampa, prompted McKague, “Tell us … what we’re urging the Congress to do.” She responded that the “Constitution guarantees … (a) Republican form of government … against domestic violence … and a lot of that is happening because of the illegal aliens. This would urge the delegation (and Congress) … to support and defend the Constitution of the United States by passing legislation necessary to end the illegal alien crisis.”

The measure urges Congress to secure borders, stop illegal immigration and economic incentives for illegal immigration, end “birthright citizenship for children of illegal immigrants,” and reject any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

McKenzie, an attorney, said after the meeting. “I would like to understand a little of the language.” The clauses about NAFTA, for example, seem unrelated to immigration, he said. And he said the language specifying that “individuals born in the United States can’t be citizens” may conflict with the U.S. Constitution, thus asking Congress to do something it can’t do.

“…may conflict with the Constitution…” Do yah think?

Another potential Dim Bulb award winner would be Senator and global warming denier Dean Cameron from Rupert who, during the debate over Concurrent Resolution 17879 that “takes a step toward implementing two provisions of the Idaho Energy Plan: one calling on the state to prepare for the likelihood of future geeenhouse gas regulation and another recommending policies which place the highest priority on the development of energy conservation and instate renewable resources,” said the following:

in order to buy that logic, you have to have a firm belief that global warming is a fact, and I don’t know that I’m all the way there yet.

Yes, both good candidates, but this month the award must go …drum roll please…

…to Senator Monty Pierce, Republican from New Plymouth! Pierce beats both McKague and Cameron by displaying remarkably consistent dimness. He was the co-sponsor of McKague’s idiotic memorial to Congress. He is so dim that he remained silent during the debate over the memorial in the Senate State Affairs Committee, unable to conjure up any defense for it.

Unfortunately, he did echo Cameron’s ignorance about global warming with this comment,

I still struggle with global warming. There’s still a national discussion on this, and we’re asking a committee to use their resources on something we’re not even sure is going to really happen.

(See Jill at New West for the details on the debate in the Senate Resources and Environment Committee.)

Yes, by demonstrating he possesses the “flimsy filament,” the “shredded synapses,” necessary to be an authentic Dim Bulb, Monty Pierce wins the award. Of course, no one except for Emmett’s own Steven P. Thayn, inventor of the term Coercive Altruism and defender of the family, has managed to hold on to the award for two consecutive months. We will see if Monty possesses the depth of dimness necessary to win it again. I certainly won’t be surprised if he does.


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