The “Obama Cult” Spin Cycles All the Way to Canyon County


As near as I can tell the only insight Rush Limbaugh has ever had concerning human behavior is when he dubbed his listeners “ditto-heads.” Those on the right who are only comfortable (safe) when “father” does the thinking for them are in a bit of a quandary when they are in the communication business. Right wing bloggers and journalists, unable to conjure up an original thought, frantically search the web hoping to find some fresh “spin” that they can re-cycle as their own.

As I anticipated last week, Jack Tapper’s “Obama Cult” storyline has been cycled and recycled throughout the wingnut blogopshere. As the photo above indicates, it has finally rippled out to the absolute shallow end of the pool, Ralph Smeed’s Farm City billboard.

I was actually disappointed to see Ralph resort to the hackneyed “Jim Jones Cultists drink kool-aid” line. When I began reading the billboard I was sure he was going to share a clever (and deeply philosophical) quatrain. Something like this:

Democrats honored their Obama
His charisma packed Taco-Bell
They loved his charm and promises
As he led them straight to Hell

But no, Ralph, ditto-head that he is, had to join the “Obama Cult” krew.

Sara, at Orcinus, has a great post about the cult callers here

Most Canyon County residents know about Smeed, Farm City and the infamous billboard. Smeed, the Libertarian emperor of Farm City, uses the billboard to take out his frustrations as he becomes increasingly irrelivant. In his hayday, the early 70’s, Smeed was the mentor to the neophyte politician and current Idaho Governor Clem “Butch” Otter and to former Idaho Senator Steve “take a bite out of government” Symms. In those days Smeed gave both advice and campaign dollars to Otter and Symms.

Today, in his mid-eighties, Smeed is much more stingy with his inheritance and only willing to contribute to Idaho politicians who meet his Libertarian purity standards. The fact that a billboard is Smeed’s primary method of communicating his Libertarian ideals doesn’t mean he is completely unaware of the “internets.”

Not at all, as can be seen here, Ralph has one of those newfangled blog things. Of course, the blog only has one post and that is an article he wrote in 1994 predicting how the world as we know it would collapse if the new trend of banning smoking in the workplace spread from San Francisco to Idaho.



  1. Ralph Smeed a dittohead? HARDLY! Ralph isn’t a Rush fan, by any stretch of the imagination. Ralph is a libertarian, Rush is a neocon. There is a world of difference between the two.

    As for the kool aid comment, he’s 80-something years old, give the guy a break.

  2. Ralph Smeed is an embarrassment to not only Canyon County but to Idaho. He sits back and makes vitriolic and devisive comments that do nothing to help anyone. He merely puts his ignorance and lack of education on display for all to see with his backwards notions of what America should be. As for the “Kool-Aid” comment it is sadly reminscent of the politics of Hitler, Stalin, and McCarthy wherein one demonizes one’s opponent. Shame on you Ralph

  3. It is always funny to read criticism of Rush Limbaugh when it includes a description of ‘dittoheads’ that is wrong.

    When people call Limbaugh and say ‘dittos’, they are not saying they automatically agree with him. They are ‘ditto’ing something one of his listeners said years ago which is very different. See if you have the brains to discover what it means.

    Good luck!

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