McCain is Beating Around the Bushes


John McCain has a Bush problem. Today he received the endorsement of 41 and over the weekend 43 verified that he is a real conservative. Nevertheless, “Bush Linkage” carries with it a problem. According to New York Times reporter, Elizabeth Bumiller.

Senator John McCain’s campaign advisers will ask the White House to deploy President Bush for major Republican fund-raising, but they do not want the president to appear too often at his side

Actually, this points out that McCain has two problems. On one hand, he has to distance himself from the most unpopular President in recent history if he hopes to win the support of anyone other than the most rabid right wing Republicans. In fact, it is likely that the Democrats will do everything they can to connect McCain with the failed Bush policies. Having Bush campaign with McCain will just play into that strategy.

McCain’s other problem is raising enough money to wage an effective campaign and, in many cases, it is those rabid right wingers who have the deep pockets he will need to support him.

Expect to hear about Bush speaking at more $1000 a plate invitation only “dinners” in front of the ever loyal “Rangers” and “Pioneers” still to be found in the remaining pockets of Red America. Unfortunately, that is likely to include Idaho, according to Bumiller.

So look for Mr. Bush to make solo appearances on behalf of Mr. McCain before evangelicals and in Republican pockets across the country, and to campaign in places where there are important races for the House and Senate, like Idaho and Kansas, which will not be critical destinations for the Republican nominee.

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