Further Proof That Steve Jobs Can Predict the Future

First the iPhone and then the MacBook Air. Critics complained both lacked necessary features that made them more than mere toys. The Air was beautiful and all that, but without an optical drive, lots of ports, a large hard drive, etc., it isn’t really useful for serious work.

But, like a chess master, Jobs seems to be able to look two or three moves ahead of the rest of us. Even though Apple hasn’t pushed it, the real jewel is the 64g solid state drive Air. Why? Because we are soon to arrive at the time when the applications we need are housed on-line. You are probably aware of Google Docs
If not, you should check them out. Free, on-line applications that come close to duplicating Microsoft Office Suite.

This week, Adobe announced that it is offering a free on-line version of Photoshop Express. Not the full version of Photoshop, but great for quick photo editing and storage. Now you can take a photo with iPhone and immediately edit it with Photoshop Express.

Storage on the Air or iPhone don’t seem to be a real issue anymore. 64g might be all a “serious” user needs.

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