Larry Grant Quits 1st District Race




As reported in the Idaho Statesman this morning:

Former Micron executive Larry Grant said Thursday morning that he will not run for the U.S. House in Idaho’s 1st congressional district.

Instead, Grant endorsed Walt Minnick, a former timber executive who ran for the U.S. Senate in 1996.

I am actually depressed about this. I followed Grant’s first campaign against Sali and was impressed by his dedication and hard work. He covered the state and probably talked one-on-one with more common Idahoans than any other candidate running at the time.

In contrast, I thought Minnick ran a lack-luster campaign in 1996. Neither candidate is charismatic, but Grant was willing to work hard and listen to voters.  Every time I attended an event for Minnick he appeared to be “playing at” being a candidate. 

I am sure the Idaho Democratic party brokered this deal because they know Minnick has lots of money that he will throw into the campaign whereas Grant’s campaign was always grassroots and short on cash.

I will support Minnick (my God, consider the alternative), but I hope Grant finds a way to serve Idaho progressives. His voice is needed.



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