Universal Health Care is a No-Brainer

Yesterday, PBS’s Front Line aired a program called “Sick Around the World: can the U.S. learn anything from the rest of the world about how to run a health care system?” The premise of the program was quite simple. The Frontline & Washington Post correspondent,T. R. Reid, visited five different capitalist democracies (Great Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan and Germany) to see how each country delivered health care and to determine what, if anything, the United States might learn from those countries.

Quite honestly, this program should be required viewing for all Americans. In a little more than 10 minutes per country, Reid makes the case that other capitalist democracies have not just cheaper more equally available health care, but also better care over all, with longer life expectancies and lower infant mortality rates.

After listening to Reid’s cogent arguments, I became convinced that even the health care plans of Obama and Clinton are insufficient. If you were watching “Boston Legal” or some other program that conflicted with Frontline last night, I invite you to go here and watch the show in its entirety.



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