Brandi Swindell Protests in China- Is it News?

Dan Popkey of the Statesman vowed to avoid joining the “…media circus. Like a moth to a flame” when it comes to wackos Brian Fischer and Brandi Swindell. Well, he may refuse to discuss the latest “protest” by our Brandi, but he will be alone among the main stream media.

With the Olympics beginning and Bush in China, Brandi appears on Teananmen Square to protest. According to CBS/AP:

Later Wednesday, three Americans spent almost an hour in the iconic Tiananmen Square criticizing Beijing’s handling of issues ranging from forced abortions to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement to pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989.

“It was important for us that there be a clear voice speaking out against the Chinese government’s abuse of human rights,” Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition in Washington, said in a telephone interview.

The trio also set up a banner in the square that said “Christ is King” and knelt and prayed. Brandi Swindell, national director of the activist group Generation Life, also put out seven roses in memory of those who died in the military crackdown on pro-democracy protests on and near the square in 1989.

They said plainclothes security agents and police officers tried to block the banner with umbrellas and started shoving the group when they tried to walk around the square. The agents eventually pushed them out of the area and made them sit nearby for almost an hour, checking their passports, before letting them go, Mahoney and Swindell said.

“It’s so shocking being an American … to see the blatant oppression,” Swindell said.

Why should any of this be surprising. Playing the victim and the martyr is what Brandi does. It is, quite literally, her job. See here, for example. When talking to others in the religious right, Brandi is quite explicit as to her tactics.

Well, I have been arrested about 6 times now – peacefully arrested. There are certain criteria that has to happen for me to feel that it is necessary for me to get arrested and, of course, I always pray about it. But, it is when Christians are prevented from doing good by the law or an order, or it forces us to do something evil.

Generally, the media coverage has been positive because the media is very intrigued by this “right-wing, conservative, Christian” youth movement. They don’t know what to do with it, because they can’t stereotype us like they want to. It is easy for them to attack Tom DeLay or Pat Robertson or Dr. Dobson, but when they have someone like you or me, in their twenties, or even a teenager out there speaking, it is harder for them to attack that. So, the media coverage has been pretty good.

That paragraph says it all. Brandi spews the intolerant hate of DeLay, Robertson and Dobson, but the media goes easy because she is an attractive young woman.

In her interview with “Mercy Hope” on Brandi makes it clear that the original Tiananmen Square protest stands as the ideal to which she aspires.

I remember the visual of the gentleman there on Tiananmen Square and there is a tank driving down the road and there is the one person – the one protester who stands up against the tank. He is standing there and here comes the tank – and he was standing there, a peaceful protestor, was not going to move, willing to get run over. I think the outcome was that people had to come and like push him out of the way.

So, is this latest protest newsworthy? Sure. Civil Disobedience is a powerful strategy and peaceful protest is a civil right. My only concern with Brandi Swindell is that she seems unwilling to grasp the notion that civil disobedience is not only about breaking a law, but also accepting the consequences of the act. Her latest complaint that she and Fischer should not have to pay court costs for the “ten commandments” fiasco is an example of this.

She should consider Gandhi’s 4th rule of civil disobedience:

When any person in authority seeks to arrest a civil resister, he will voluntarily submit to the arrest, and he will not resist the attachment or removal of his own property, if any, when it is sought to be confiscated by authorities.


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  1. You are completely wrong! As a Christian and a supporter of democracy around the world, I can’t imagine an American would spew words you said. China is a very very very oppressive country when u talk about religion and free speech. Falun Gong and Christians are persecuted, that’s the truth. If we have to attack someone, attack the brutal Chinese communist/fascist regime, not someone that is against it.

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