Local Farmer Markets

According to an article in the Statesman, there is a record number (36) of farmers markets in Idaho this summer and attendance is up at them all. My wife and I are “hooked” on the Caldwell (Wednesday afternoon) and Nampa (Saturday morning) markets. They are both small, friendly, close to home and offer a nice selection of super fresh produce.

Although our small backyard garden supplies us with standard fare like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and zucchini, the markets have a much wider selection of interesting delectables. For example, this morning I bought some white eggplant. I had seen it before, but have never tried it. I am guessing that, while there won’t be any difference in taste, there might be visual interest when layered with the traditional purple.

I usually make at least one “impulse purchase” each time I go. A couple of weeks ago, I bought a boule of “Parma sourdough” at the Nampa market and now it is a weekly purchase. I had a nice chat with the baker who told me that she had been trained at the San Francisco Baking Institute. The personal interaction with the folks that grow or make what they sell is that extra that comes from shopping at the markets.


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