McCain’s Timing

Last night Barack Obama gave an historic speech on an historic day in history. Hoping to blunt a three day weekend of Obamamania in the media, John McCain has chosen today to announce his VP choice.

I am guessing it will be Idaho native, University of Idaho graduate and current Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin. If he chooses any of the usual suspects like Romney the media will likely go “ho hum.” Palin, on the other hand, is just what get the juices flowing among the journalists looking for a fresh and appealing story.

In any event, one has to wonder about McCain’s timing. Because today is also historic in ways that McCain would just as soon not have people remember. First, it is his 72nd birthday and he is probably not interested in highlighting his age. But, even more importantly, today is the third anniversary of Katrina and, as the picture above shows, McCain and Bush were sharing a piece of birthday cake just as Katrina was slamming into New Orleans. This “let them eat cake” moment symbolizes the administration’s disastrous handling of the catastrophe and McCain’s role in it. In 2005 and 2006 he twice voted against a commission to study the government’s response to Katrina. He also opposed three separate emergency funding measures providing relief to Katrina victims, including the extension of Medicaid benefits and, until traveling there one month ago, McCain had made just one public tour of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina touched down in August 2005.

UPDATE: Looks like I guessed right- Sarah Palin is McCain’s choice.  This campaign gets more interesting every day. It certainly takes the “lack of experience” issue away from McCain. We have a candidate “a heartbeat away from the Presidency” whose experience consists of mayor of a small burg in Alaska and two years as Governor of Alaska.


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