To Myself I Say, “I’m Back”

Well, after a two-month holiday hiatus I’m back to blogging. Why the long layoff? Really it’s  a complex  set of reasons. In part, the obsession during the election season resulted in “blog burnout.”    But,  there was also a sort of “existential” angst on my part. Why am I bothering to do this? Whose interests are being served?

I am back because it finally occurred to me that I blog for one simple reason. It gives me a chance  to  talk to myself. Seriously,  I don’t really blog to communicate with readers.  In fact, there are few regular readers of this blog  and I find that strangely satisfying.  I don’t need to worry about who my “audience” might be. I don’t have to feel guilty  when I don’t post regularly.  I don’t even have to have a rationale for  the particular topics I choose to comment upon.

The opportunity to put into words whatever happens to concern me at any given time (be it profound or inane) makes blogging worthwhile. In fact, during my “holiday” from blogging I found myself “virtually blogging” almost every day. I would compose the post in my mind,  but never bother to actually submit it.   This was gratifying  in an immediate sense, but less so days later when I tried to reconstruct the post in my mind. It was only then that I realized my “brilliant” point was lost in the ether.

So, here  goes year four of the Royal Northwest Mounted Valise.   To quote Van Morrison, “It’s too late to stop now.”


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