Change is Here


With each confirmation hearing it becomes clear that the Obama administration really does bring a change we can believe in.  Here is Eric Holder, Obama’s pick for Attorney General.

Addressing the subject of torture at the military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Mr. Holder told Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, the committee chairman, “Waterboarding is torture.” It was so defined under the Spanish Inquisition and when used by the Japanese in World War II, he said, and it remains so today.

How refreshing after years of equivocation from current Attorney General Michael Mukasey and his predecessor, Alberto R. Gonzales, both of whom refused to renounce waterboarding.

Asked whether a president might have the power to immunize people against criminal charges if they employ waterboarding, which creates a drowning-like sensation, to obtain intelligence to use against terrorists, Mr. Holder answered unambiguously: “Mr. Chairman, no one is above the law.”

An Attorney General who believes that no one is above the law.   Let’s savor the moment.

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