Blue Dog Minnick- Sniffs Air, Passes Gas


For a nanosecond, Idaho Democrats hoped that Walt Minnick might actually be a Democrat.  It should have been obvious to all (including Cecil Andrus who championed Minnick over an authentic Democrat, Larry Grant) that he would immediately revert to his Republican, obstructivist roots once in office.

Consider his showboating on the stimulus bill.  He got all “Mavericky” on us by coming up with his own stimulus bill. Of course, there is zero chance of it having any impact on anything. It was grandstanding, pure and simple. He voted “no” on the House bill and will undoubtedly vote “no” on whatever bill comes out of the Senate.

To use Steven Colbert’s characterization for all the Republican members of the House, Minnick will spend his one term in office promoting the “Audacity of Nope.”  I say one term because, no matter how far to the right Minnick goes, he will never be conservative enough for the voters in his district.



  1. Minnick also took a stand against wolf recovery in the Statesman, the first chance he got, when he promised to work with the Idaho delegation (deep-red wolf-haters) to expedite wolf delisting.

    The thing I don’t get is, he’ll never be red enough for the republicans — and he’s squandering any support he might get from progressives in the state. I’ll tell you one thing – not a chance in hell I’ll go door-to-door for the guy next time around.

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