Idaho Reactionary Walt Minnick


Idahoans are used to the rest of the country laughing at the fools we send to Congress.  It was usually harmless fun because Idaho Congressmen are powerless and, consequently, their idiocy irrelevant.

Not so in our current crisis. Walt Minnick’s lack of political courage has caught  the attention of many bloggers on the left. Read, for example, the succinct smack down from Down With Tyranny!

One of the 3 freshmen who has continually crossed the aisle to vote with the Republicans is Idaho reactionary Walt Minnick, a near certain one-termer who seems determined to be remembered as a complete and reviled failure. The far right will support Bill Sali, the ex-congressman Minnick defeated, who is running against him next year, but right now they’re celebrating Minnick as the useful idiot he is. Minnick is the polar opposite of Bernie Sanders, a dream Democrat for corporate America. He’s trying to be the Joe Lieberman of the House– who new polls show would be swamped in a landslide if he had to face Connecticut voters today– by playing footsie with the Republicans and betraying the values and ideals of his own party. His idea of a stimulus bill is $170 billion, something that economists are laughing at as completely ineffectual and even ridiculous.


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