The American Way


A rather insignificant news story caught my attention. It appears that the corrupt, criminal security company, Blackwater, is changing its name.  I am sure you are aware of Blackwater founder Eric Prince and the company’s role in Bush era corruption.  If you have the stomach for it, you could read all the details of the Blackwater story in Jeremy Scahill’s excellent expose’, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.

In any event, Blackwater is changing it’s name to Xe, pronounced “Z.” Xe seemed to be a rather strange name for a security company like Blackwater until I had a hazy flash of the Periodic table I was forced to learn in Chemestry class. Yes, Xe was the symbol for Xenon, an odorless, colorless gas! The symbolism now makes sense. Like The Shadow, Xe will be invisible. Who knows what evil lurks in the mind’s of men? Eric Prince does. I wonder if Prince will change his own name to some variation of this?

As I read about the name change, I though to myself, “How American.” In Japan, Prince would have committed ritual suicide when faced with the guilt and humiliation of the Blackwater scandals.  Not so here. The American way is all about re-invention; we go west, are born again, rebrand, receive bailouts, get golden parachutes and revise history.

While I was checking the Periodic Table to make sure my memory was correct about Xenon, I came across the perfect rebranding of the biggest failure of our time, George W. Bush, “dubya“.  He can be known simply as “Db.” Db is the symbol for Dubnium. Dubnium is described as,

…a synthetic element that is not present in the environment at all. It has no uses.

Works for me!

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