Paging Kenneth Jindal


Two minutes into Bobby Jindal’s Republican response to President Obama’a speech, I told my wife that he was doing an impression of Kenneth the page on 30 Rock. It turns out that I wasn’t the only one to see the similarity. The internet was atwitter discussing the similarities. Some blogs include comparison videos- see here and here. This page started yesterday and, according to AP,

Indeed, a new Facebook group titled “Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page” had already attracted more than 1,800 members Wednesday afternoon.

First Tina Fey, now Jack McBrayer. If Alex Baldwin can only perfect his Romney impression, 30 Rock will have the Republican front runners covered.

Update: The beat goes on. Jimmy Fallon has Jack McBrayer on to refute the comparison.

Of coure, once we all get tired of laughing at Jindal, the harsh truth about the shining light of the Republican party emerges.  An editorial in the New York Times says it well,

Imagine yourself jobless and struggling to feed your family while the governor of your state threatens to reject tens of millions of dollars in federal aid earmarked for the unemployed. That is precisely what is happening in poverty-ridden states like Louisiana and Mississippi where Republican governors are threatening to turn away federal aid rather than expand access to unemployment insurance programs in ways that many other states did a long time ago.

What makes these bad decisions worse is that they are little more than political posturing by rising Republican stars, like Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina. This behavior reinforces the disturbing conclusion that the Republican Party seems more interested in ideological warfare than in working on policies that get the country back on track.


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