Mike Crapo Grandstanding About Health Care.

Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has spent the last week flooding the media with a call to sign his on-line petition opposing Health Care legislation. In addition to hearing the constant radio ads, I have had to put up with daily “robo calls” filled with lies and misstatements about the Senate bill and ending with a plea that I get on line and sign the petition.

Crapo, who has no real political power or influence, hopes to convince gullible Idaho voters that this petition will turn the tide and defeat the legislation, thus making him a national leader of the health care opposition.

Here is his “news release” on the official web site:

Washington, D.C. – More than 19,000 people, starting with Idahoans but spreading nationwide to all 50 states, have signed an online petition opposing the current health care reform legislation before the U.S. Senate. The online petition was prepared by Idaho Senator Mike Crapo, who has been on the Senate floor and national cable television programs leading opposition to the bill because it raises taxes on the middle class, increases premiums for many people now carrying insurance, cuts senior programs and fails to lower health care costs.
“There has not been a piece of legislation this decade that has come with more opposition to it than this health care reform bill,” Crapo said. “I support health reforms, but not a bill like this that puts the government in charge of doctor-patient relationships. Three days ago, I asked Idahoans if they would join me in petitioning the United States Senate to defeat this bill. The response has been remarkable. We now have more than 19,000 signatures, and that number continues to grow by the hour.

Of course, Crapo knows the petition is just grandstanding. In fact, according to The Hill, Crapo is well aware that the legislation is a done deal and the Republicans will not be able to repeal it any time soon.

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) said Republicans are unlikely to be able to repeal the legislation anytime in the near future.

“Technically it could be peeled back if the circumstances were right,” Crapo said during an appearance on a conservative news radio syndicate. “But we would have to have a president who would sign such a bill, and we would have to have 60 votes in the Senate — not just 50.”

“So it would be a very tall order, and frankly, the likelihood’s that that’s not going to develop in the near future,” he added.


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