Craig James story gets more interesting

Craig James’ involvement in the firing of Texas Tech coach Leach seems to be taking a new twist. Yesterday James announced that he was planning to run for the seat held by Texan Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is retiring.

Today, SportsbyBrooks claims that James has hired the PR firm Spaeth Communications to represent him. Not only did Spaeth help James with the announcement of his political plans, they also coordinated the campaign to get Leach fired. As you may recall, Spaeth Communications is the firm responsible for the reprehensible “Swift Boat” smear against Presidential candidate John Kerry.

If you’re a political junkie, Spaeth Communications might ring a bell. More likely, you’ve heard the term “swiftboating,” which is derived from a p.r. campaign led by Spaeth CEO Merrie Spaeth to damage the 2004 presidential candidacy of John Kerry.
Prominent Texas Tech alumni and media sources have told me the past week that Spaeth Communications allegedly played an integral role in the firing of Mike Leach. In addition to the video of Adam James that Spaeth circulated to the media, I’ve heard growing sentiment that Spaeth was behind much of the anonymously-sourced information about Adam James’ alleged plight reported by the media.

Interesting, if true.


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