Update: Abductors for Jesus

The “Baptist 10” have been charged with abduction and criminal association.

The charges, which carry prison terms of up to 15 years, were announced after a closed-door court hearing in which prosecutors questioned the Americans, most of them members of a Baptist congregation from Idaho.

The Central Valley Baptist Church has tried to paint Laura Silsby as an innocent doing God’s work.  A story in the Idaho Statesman paints a different picture.

The Idaho woman who led a group of 10 Baptists on a mission to help children in Haiti admits to failing to obtain paperwork needed to move 33 children to the Dominican Republic.
But even before Laura L. Silsby and seven other Idahoans ended up in a Haitian jail accused of trafficking in children, Silsby had a history of failing to pay debts, failing to pay her employees and failing even to follow Idaho laws.
Silsby has been the subject of eight civil lawsuits and 14 unpaid wage claims. The $358,000 Meridian house at which she founded her nonprofit New Life Children’s Refuge in November was foreclosed upon in December. A check of Silsby’s driving record revealed at least nine traffic citations since 1997, including four for failing to provide insurance or register annually.
One way to avoid taking responsibility for your own actions is to claim that you are following God’s directives. In Silsby’s words, “God has laid upon our hearts…” the need to go to Haiti and abduct children.
On their website Central Valley Baptist Church claims the church team was falsely arrested and it was all a misunderstanding.
A ten member church team traveled to Haiti to help rescue children from one or more orphanages that had been devastated in the earthquake on January 12. The children were being taken to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic where they could be cared for and have their medical and emotional needs attended to. Our team was falsely arrested today and we are doing everything we can from this end to clear up the misunderstanding that has occurred in Port au Prince.
According to the Statesman article about Silsby,
Members of her church, Central Valley Baptist in Meridian, did not return calls Wednesday.

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