Impostor Captain America Update

It now appears that the Impostor Captain America‘s influence is only on the Idaho House, not the Senate.

The hearing set for 1:30 on HCR 42, the measure to block a scheduled 1 percent COLA for state retirees, has been canceled – which means the bill is now dead. Sen. John Andreason, R-Boise, chairman of the Senate Commerce & Human Resources Committee, said, “It seemed like the thing to do – this was the best way to handle it.” He added, “I have a lot of faith in the (PERSI) board. They’ve always done a good job. We’re just following their recommendation.”

Senate Assistant Majority Leader Joe Stegner, R-Lewiston, said, “The leadership supports the chairman’s decision, and the committee is, I think, going to be supportive of that action. This is going to be an issue we’re not going to give any further time to in the Senate this legislative year.”

Or, maybe it was the pressure from Idaho retirees?

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