Paul Krugman calls out the GOP on their posturing

Paul Krugman has been on a roll lately. In his New York Times column Monday,The GOP’s Big Budget Mumble, he accurately points out that the Republicans continue to bluster about reducing the deficit with spending cuts without specifying what, exactly,they would be willing to cut. He calls their response to Obama’s proposal to cut spending by about $400 billion an ” aggrieved mumble”.

Then, this morning on the tee vee, he really got on the nerves of two of his fellow pundits on ABC’s “This Week”, George Will and Mary Matalin. After Krugman called Paul Ryan’s budget a “fake document”, Will, in full insufferable prig mode, told Krugman that he had yet to encounter someone who disagrees with him who Krugman doesn’t think is a “corrupt knave” and Matalin called Krugman’s remarks “completely mendacious.” Later, after Krugman corrected Matalin when she misquoted John Maynard Keynes, it was fun to watch Matalin’s husband and fellow panel member, James Carville, stifle a giggle.


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