They are Baaaack!


Anyone familiar with Idaho knows the ugly history of neo-Nazis and survivalists in North Idaho— Ruby Ridge, the Aryan Nation, etc. For awhile, it appeared they were gone, but after the re-election of the Evil One, they are starting to slither back. Richard Butler, leader of the Aryan Nation is gone, but his followers haven’t given up. These wackos are infatuated with northern Idaho. James Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog calls the states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming “The American Redoubt.” Based upon the Tea Party’s obsession with Ayn Rand and the popularity of Atlas Shrugged, Rawles anticipates a desire on the part of true patriots to begin to establish a real-life Galt’s gulch. Rawles sees,

A conscious retrenchment into safe haven states. I strongly recommend this amalgamation, and that it be formalized. I suggest calling it The American Redoubt. I further recommend Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington for the réduit. Some might call it a conglomeration, but I like to call it an amalgamation, since that evokes silver. And it will be a Biblically-sound and Constitutionally-sound silver local currency that will give it unity.

One group anxious to start its own Galt Gulch in Northern Idaho is “The Citadel”. What is the Citadel? According to their website,

The Citadel is a developing community of Patriots in the mountains of Idaho who believe in Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty and have chosen to live amongst one another, who have sworn their Lives, their Fortunes and their Sacred Honor to defend one another and Liberty.

The project sounds like Disneyland for survivalists or that scam community Jim and Tammy Fay Baker created, but with a lot more guns.

Patriots understand that an epic storm is coming to America.

Economic collapse is imminent. Disruptions of Just-in-Time supply lines will lead America into chaos. Violence along racial, ethnic, religious and economic class lines will bring forth famine, disease and a fundamental reset of life in America.

A group of Patriots have decided to build a community off the most likely lines of peril, a bastion of Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty where we may remain safe, warm, healthy and comfortable while American society suffers the inevitable destruction that must accompany the decades of degenerating morality of our Countrymen.

The cornerstone of the Citadel is III Arms Company, an industry to support the first wave of Patriots who will become modern American Pioneers. We will build Fighting Arms and ammunition for Patriots and around us a town will begin to grow. Other revenue streams are already in the works. Our intent is to purchase at least one thousand acres, and construct a walled town of at least one square mile to withstand any potential violence from hungry, diseased Souls. Obviously the Citadel is not being built to defy any laws of the United States or the State of Idaho, or to withstand any .gov or .mil attack. Our fortifications are merely defensive for a SHTF world.

The Citadel will have between 3,500 and 5,000 households within the walls, with a single gate permitting access. The Citadel is not to be a closed society, instead a refuge for genuine Patriots who wish to live without neighbors who are Liberals and Establishment political ideologues, open for tourists who will be welcomed into our town to visit our planned Firearms Museum, shop in our Town Center, stay in a B&B or hotel while vacationing and exploring the wonderful skiing, hunting and fishing opportunities in the area, and many other attractions we will offer.

If you are a patriotic American who believes in Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty, who believes in the Constitution as written, who believes in the Declaration of Independence, and who wishes to live in a beautiful, secure mountain town that bans Liberals from living among us, consider exploring the Citadel as we evolve and build. If you need to escape your suburban life and the vulnerabilities your family faces, consider the Citadel.

Ours is a community of Riflemen and Patriots. Living in a house, townhome or condo within the Citadel requires residents to voluntarily assume responsibilities for the common defense. Our community is not for everyone. But if you think you and your family would like to live among real Patriots and to be prepared for an America when the SHTF, consider the Citadel.

If you are looking for a fresh start, a place to open your dream business in a community where Free Enterprise reigns, a home in a place that will be safe when the rest of America begins to suffer from the long train of abuses endured for several generations, consider the Citadel.

Where are they locating?

We have purchased 20 mountaintop acres in Benewah County [Idaho].  This will become the initial factory location for our firearms company and will be developed into a Showcase for the larger Citadel concept.  Improvements to the mountaintop Showcase property will begin in the Spring/Summer of 2013. We have been calling this property our Beachhead.

Why Idaho?

We polled our fellow Patriots about good locations to direct our initial focus for our Pioneer Project, what The Citadel was referred to at that point. We ultimately chose Idaho as that the place to initially consider putting down our roots. There are many reasons why Idaho came up the winner: Population density. Lines of drift in regards to population migration if TSHTF. Land availability in the acreage we’re going to need to complete The Citadel project. The growing trend of the state of Idaho actively recruiting firearms-related businesses.

It is populated with solidly independent and intelligently freedom-oriented people. State and local governments are pre-disposed to Constitutional Liberty and strongly supportive of Second-Amendment Rights. All-around, a great place to settle down and carve out the American Dream for you and your family. When you add them all up, it’s hard to imagine a better location.




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