O Crapo!

crapo-articleInline Idaho Senator Michael D. Crapo was arrested early Sunday and charged with driving under the influence in Alexandria Va.

Police spokesman Craig T. Fifer said an officer was on routine patrol when he saw Sen. Crapo’s vehicle run a red light. It was stopped at Hume Avenue and Mount Vernon at 12:45 a.m. Crapo then underwent several field sobriety tests, which he failed, Fifer said in a statement. He was then taken into custody without incident.

Police said the senator’s blood-alcohol level was .110. In Virginia, drivers at .08 or higher are considered intoxicated.
He was released on $1,000 bond, and has a court date scheduled for Jan. 4.

Members of the national media wonder if Crapo, a Mormon who has stated in public many times that he does not drink, could face additional fallout here in Idaho, where about a quarter of the population consists of Latter-day Saints. I think that is highly unlikely. When it comes to alcohol, Idaho Mormons have a rather nuanced view. And, of course, hypocrisy is a hallmark of Idaho’s Republican party.

On a related note, former Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig quickly assured Idahoans that Crapo is not now or never has been a homosexual.


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