Labrador Neutered

bumper-sticker-spay-neuter Raul Labrador was the only member of the Idaho Congressional delegation to vote against the compromise Fiscal Cliff bill. Like other members of the Republican House who represent “ideologically pure” districts, Labrador doesn’t have to worry about re-election. If fact, his vote was a guarantee that he will not have to worry about a primary fight against someone farther to the right (if that is possible). Nevertheless, he is now solidly in the camp of extremists who have been marginalized and who will never have real power in the party.

I suppose it could be argued that the whole Republican pack of curs has been neutered. In fact, according to Mediaite, Charles Krauthammer came on Fox and claimed exactly that.

On his first show of the new year, Bill O’Reilly brought on Charles Krauthammer to take on the last-minute fiscal cliff deal cobbled together by Congress. Krauthammer went after President Obama for rejecting compromise legislation that didn’t have enough spending cuts because he wanted to score political points over the Republican party, and by doing so, Krauthammer said the president successfully “neutered” the Republican-led House.


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